Jordan’s Hidden Gems: The Untold Stories of Local Entrepreneurs

Reading Time: 8 minutes One afternoon, while searching for the perfect gift for a friend’s birthday, I found myself diving into the diverse, creative world of local craftsmanship on Instagram. My aim was to find something unique, something authentic. Page after page, I discovered makers of soap, creators of jarred goods, and artists of embroidered pieces, all pouring their heart and soul into their craft. I was struck by a powerful realization that there was an abundance of talent and creativity in my local community that deserved recognition and a broader platform to shine.

Amman’s Road Safety: Urgent Need for a Driving Culture Shift

Reading Time: 9 minutes According to a Ministry of Health 2018 study, traffic accidents are the fourth leading cause of death in Jordan, indicating the severity of the situation.

After 39 years of safe driving culture in Dubai, the author moved to Jordan in 2019 and found Amman’s driving conditions daunting. He notes the general disregard for traffic rules, leading to an aggressive and often dangerous driving Culture.

Coming Together In Service: Distinguished Team of Volunteers

Reading Time: 7 minutes ‘Coming Together in Service’ is a story about two cousins who established the Distinguished Team of Volunteers, a volunteering program operating in Jordan since 2018. They believe each member of a community bears a responsibility towards the other. Explore the impact of their acts of charity, as they seek to make a difference in their communities amid rising economic hardships and youth unemployment.