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The Ant Philosophy: Preparing for Winter While Celebrating Summer

Reading Time: 7 minutes “Think winter during summer and think summer during winter.” Jim Rohn
In other words, “think of the negative during the positive and of the positive during the negative.” Let negativity (winter) be the catalyst for positivity, and positivity (summer) be the antidote to negativity. Often, the most profound realizations and decisions arise from challenging experiences.

Jordan’s Hidden Gems: The Untold Stories of Local Entrepreneurs

Reading Time: 8 minutes One afternoon, while searching for the perfect gift for a friend’s birthday, I found myself diving into the diverse, creative world of local craftsmanship on Instagram. My aim was to find something unique, something authentic. Page after page, I discovered makers of soap, creators of jarred goods, and artists of embroidered pieces, all pouring their heart and soul into their craft. I was struck by a powerful realization that there was an abundance of talent and creativity in my local community that deserved recognition and a broader platform to shine.

You Are Your Perfect Time

Reading Time: 4 minutes Tala Bacouni, a Lebanese writer, shares her personal story of leaving her secure corporate job during the pandemic to pursue her passion. Through her journey, she shares the experience of finding her own “perfect time” to make the transition. The gentle power demonstrated through her determination and perseverance is a reminder that: “You can’t wait for the perfect time. There isn’t a perfect time. I made the decision to do what I love while I was fighting a virus, was on antibiotics, and had a fluctuating fever. For anyone reading this piece, it’s never too late.”

The Last Suitcase: The Wisdom of Yousef

Reading Time: 3 minutes ‘The Last Suitcase and the Wisdom of Yusuf’ is the first part of a series about growth and the impact of one’s definition of success on navigating times of great hardship. The series starts with the serendipitous journey of Wise Man Yusuf, from his beginnings on a Nigerian cocoa farm to becoming the Director General of an international institution and how Yusuf’s unique personification of success profoundly impacted and inspired the writer.

Carving Out a Place In the Work World, Part – 2

Reading Time: 4 minutes Part 2 of Noah’s story, a man navigating the complex dynamics of the corporate world. This installment explores his hidden aspiration for entrepreneurial success, his fears, struggles, and personal revelations as he wrestles with self-doubt and seeks personal fulfillment while contemplating the price of success, battles with changing family dynamics, and faces unexpected challenges at work. Join him on this life-changing journey of self-discovery and assertion, providing a profound reflection on self-esteem, ambition, and the power of future vision. To Be Continued in Part – 3.

Carving Out A Place In The Work World, Part – 1

Reading Time: 5 minutes ‘From Employee to Entrepreneur’. In this inaugural chapter, we accompany Noah as he confronts the one-sided affair of his corporate existence, the impacts of his relentless commitment on his personal life, and the self-inflicted confines of his world. Grappling with self-perception, missed opportunities, and a yearning to redefine his identity, Noah’s enlightening shift demands he dispute ingrained societal narratives and courageously set forth on a journey toward entrepreneurship, albeit with personal costs. This narrative offers an examination of personal values, life’s priorities, individual interpretations of success, and the audacity required to alter one’s path, irrespective of age or prevailing circumstances.

Are Motivation, Engagement, and Rewards Enough?

Reading Time: 9 minutes People require a lot more support now than they did before the pandemic. In his book that keeps on giving, Managing Oneself, Peter Drucker raises these points that are very pertinent to what we’re going through: “Only when you operate from a combination of your strengths and self-knowledge can you achieve true – and lasting – excellence”. He tells us that in order to live a life of excellence, we must ask ourselves these questions: What are our strengths? How do we perform? What are our values? Where do we belong? What should we contribute?

The Evaluation of The Quality of Hiring Decisions

Reading Time: 8 minutes First Who, Then What? – get the right people on the bus, a concept developed in Good to Great by Jim Collins – is crucial if the lessons from the global downturn 2007- 2008 have managed to get engrained into our organizational cultures and processes’ DNAs. The stakes now are higher than ever. Persistent wrong hiring for an SME may lead to annihilation and its valuable economic contribution and job creation potential along with it.

Transparency In Public Procurement, A Proactive Approach To Combating Corruption Risks

Reading Time: 5 minutes There is no alternative to clear and open communication in building trust in relationships, that includes relationships between suppliers and organizations. There is a delicate balance between confidentiality and transparency and although it is difficult but not impossible to achieve.