Meeting the Legend Carlos Santana

Reading Time: 7 minutes On April 2, 2003, at the Burswood Dome in Perth, Australia, Santana performed for a packed audience. I found myself in the first row of the pit. As I enthusiastically chipped in on my air guitar, Santana seemed to notice my enjoyment, frequently glancing down at me, and laughing.

The Great David Crosby

Reading Time: 2 minutes The recent passing of David Crosby was a great loss to the music world and it brought back many such memories. CSNY as a Group was so much part of my life journey that losing David Crosby feels like losing someone who has been with me throughout my many years of growing up.

The World of A Child – Entry By Invitation Only

Reading Time: 5 minutes Music and arts and crafts education develop children’s manual dexterity, teamwork, discipline, self-confidence, provide an outlet for creativity and a constructive release of energy. Music and art also enable us to elevate into a different type of humans altogether where we no longer think about what makes us different from one another, but they join us in a bond of humanity.